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Glenn Grossman became fascinated with photography at an early age while using black and while film and a Kodak Brownie camera.  This fascination would soon develop into his lifelong artistic passion.  During his high school and college years, he saved every extra dime and dollar for camera, film, and darkroom equipment and was rarely seen without at least one camera hanging from his neck.  Now an empty nester, Grossman has time once again to devote to his early love of photography.  He is fortunate to be in a print advertising career, where his photographic skills play a large part in meeting the needs of his clients.  For years, Grossman has been a major volunteer contributing photographer and sponsor for Macon's Cherry Blossom Festival, and has been published in numerous local & national publications, including, the covers of Travel Guide Magazine, Macon Magazine, Macon Guidebook and The Real Yellow Pages.  He and his wife, Glennean, have lived in Middle Georgia for the past thirty years, and of course, have a yard full of Yoshino cherry trees.